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How can we help your organisation?

Data Science as a Service

We do not only develop data science solutions but can monitor state-of-the-art solutions and notify you when a better solution is available for your data science problem. You can choose to make your data science solution available for re-use on our platform.

Data Science Benchmarking

Do you have a data science problem and would you like to make an online benchmark available to monitor state-of-the-art solutions for your problem? We can help you with your benchmark design and infrastructure and make it available online. You can choose to make your data, ground truth and/or metrics software available for re-use on our platform.

Self-sustainable online platforms

Do you need an online platform to connect humans and technology or support science? We can develop an online platform and a business model to make the platform self-sustainable.


Our long-term vision is to build a platform that facilitates working on real world problems and common goals. The platform will make it easy to join forces. Learning and contributing will go hand in hand.

We aim to bridge the gap between commercial and academic organisations, and let profit and non-profit work strengthen each other. Commercial organisations often have interesting data and problems for scientists to validate their algorithms on. If this data is available in the form of a benchmark (taking privacy into account), scientists have more valuable data and commercial organisations stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Algorithms can be monitored on performance and be selected for specific real world problems.

A short introduction of our team


Adriënne Mendrik (CEO)

Adriënne founded Eyra together with Emiel and Martijn, after initiating and leading the Eyra benchmark platform project at the Netherlands eScience Center for two years. As a manager and coordinator at the eScience center she collaborated with researchers from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and gained experience in management. Her background is in computer science with a specialization on medical image analysis. She worked as a researcher in this field for over 10 years, before specializing on challenge design and translating the concept of benchmarking to other scientific disciplines. She is passionate about utilizing both human and artificial intelligence to advance humankind.


Emiel van der Veen (CTO)

With more than two decades experience in the Software Engineering field Emiel has gained a broad insight of every aspect of digital product development. His combination of skills in Software Architecture, UX/UI design and Business-IT alliance makes him ideal for managing the digital products of Eyra.

A passion for searching for the truth has always been a driver in every aspect of his life. Never satisfied with the first impressions but always hungry for the deeper meaning of things.

Emiel considers Eyra as his moonshot project.


Martijn ter Laak (CFO)

After having worked in the investment banking and financial industry for over a decade, Martijn decided to utilize his gained knowledge and experience in the advice and support of startup companies.

He founded a consultancy firm and worked as an advisor and business developer at two startup companies, prior to establishing Eyra together with Adriënne and Emiel.

Martijn strongly believes that stakeholder prioritization over profit maximization defines the future winners amongst companies.

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