eyra is an online gallery dedicated to the show and sale of illustration.

Past Exhibition: Don't Call Me Honney

Featured from February 14, 2013 - April 11, 2013

Don't Call Me Honney is the second show by eyra. This exhibition focuses on Baltimore and is comprised of illustrators living and working in the city.

Featuring work by: Andrew Liang, Christopher Adams, Cornel Rubino, Julianna Brion, Janna Morton, and Jun Cen

Past exhibition: Strangers in a Strange Land

Featured from December 6, 2012 - February 6, 2013

Strangers in a Strange Land is eyra's inaugural show. Illustrators explore the notion of the stranger - who are they? Does stranger always equate to danger?

Featuring work by: Aya Kakeda, Aart-Jan Venema, Bruna Canepa, Eleanor Taylor, Flann Banni, Inca Pan, Javier Olivares, Patrick Gildersleeves, Sarah Mazzetti

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Illustration is a hammer*

...Why?(Find out.)

eyra recognizes that illustration is a hammer*. Illustration, like a hammer, has functionality - it is a visual means of communication for a large audience.

Can a hammer be beautiful? Some think so. And, like a hammer, illustration is also concerned with aesthetics and utilizes techniques that we also think of as fine art.

*Many thanks to D.B. Dowd for the excellent metaphor.

eyra is committed to furthering the ongoing dialogue of illustration through writing.

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eyra is an online exhibition space for contemporary illustration.

Started in 2012, eyra celebrates illustration as a popular art that helps us to understand and interpret the world at large. Read more...

eyra strives to showcase not only beautiful and thought-provoking illustration, but to add to the greater cultural dialogue. With each exhibition, eyra sells original illustration, high-quality prints, and limited-edition projects that correspond to the theme and spirit of the show. The eyrapport is a text that accompanies each show. It includes a curatorial statement, catalog of images, as well as guest writers from fields that are outside of illustration.

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